Suzhou Xinrihe New Material Co., LTD

was established in May 2015 and located in the state-level industrial park Suzhou high-tech zone, covering an area of about 2000 square meters with registered capital 3 million Yuan and project investment 5 million Yuan . The company undertakes ESD coating process for plastic material of various electronic products packaging. Our products are widely used in high-end electronics packaging materials, such as LCD, optical lens, precision electronic substrate and components, medical appliance, and things have special requirements on packaging materials, aiming to prevent pollution and destruction caused by static electricity on precision electronic products.
Advanced processing equipment was equipped in company with production capacity of 6000 tons per year. The advanced printing ink mixing equipment can realize diversified product processing demands.
The company has good management and manufacturing team, including six manufacturing quality management personals with more than 10 years experience in related industry management and familiar with manufacturing process and professional processing technologies, which can ensure the quality and satisfy customer’s needs. Senior industry quality control personnel help to realize the stable product quality, striving for perfection and continuously improve the performance of the product. Professional research and development personnel and advanced technical support from Japan help to achieve continuously innovation and meet the market demand. Seven processing operation personnel, including 3 with years-experience in the industry, possess proficiency processing skills and familiar with the product quality control.
Five senior sales personnel are familiar with the development of the industry, understand the needs of the customers, timely grasp the market trend, and closely communicate with clients. The customer’s trust allows the continuous understanding and usage of our company’s products.

Team cooperation, as well as the close collaboration between various departments promotes the unity and innovation in company. Sincere cooperation ensures stable sales volume and the quality of packaging materials. Reasonable price reduces the cost for customer.

Enterprise culture:

Sincerely cooperation and team spirit is the lifeblood of the continuous development of enterprises

Active attitude is the basis of customer trust

Earnest rigorous thinking is the necessary premise to solve problem